Covid Safety Measures

Here are some of the measures I am taking to make sure the classes comply with all current safety requirements for the venue and for group exercise classes, to minimise the risk from Covid-19.

  • As before, everyone brings their own mat.
  • I have reduced class numbers to a maximum of 6 participants in the Small Hall and 9 in the Large Hall to ensure everyone has a 2x2m square in which to place their mats. I have also left an empty 2x2m square in between each person, as shown in the layout diagrams below.
Small Hall Socially-Distanced Layout
Large Hall Socially-Distanced Layout
  • Hand sanitiser to be used by everyone on arriving and leaving.
  • Bags, shoes, coats etc. to be left in the vestibules and not brought into the main hall.
  • Spaces will be filled from the end furthest from the door, to avoid having to walk past each other.
  • Some windows will be open to allow adequate ventilation (in the cooler months, you may want to bring an extra layer).
  • I won’t be able to make hands-on corrections of your positions, but I will be able to walk around giving socially-distanced verbal cues and corrections.
  • I will not be bringing equipment to class. But I don’t want to forego equipment sessions altogether, as I think they add variety, challenge and fun to the classes, so I have put together some small equipment packs consisting of a green squashy ball and a set of two resistance bands.  Participants will need to buy a small equipment pack, so that everyone can use their own equipment in class.
  • Music will be played at a quieter volume so I don’t have to raise my voice.
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